About Me

I’m Shara Hammond.

Born in Washington, DC, Shara embraced being described as “talkative in class,” “observant learner,” and “team player.” Attributing her social and curious nature to growing-up in a large, working-class family, where everyone was working, going to school, or both, she learned that there is space to authentically grow into yourself even if you must create that space. 

Not to shy away from a challenge, change, or a new adventure, Shara graduated from Boston College and West Virginia University to begin her career in Human Resources. With over 15 years for experience in corporate, operational, and international roles, Shara brings a breadth and depth of expertise spanning the full scope of human resources and corporate diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). Shara is most passionate about creating and aligning unconventional solutions to deliver organizational results, talent development, leadership, and inclusion.

Shara is a certified DEI coach and strategist who thoughtfully supports executives, managers, and professionals with their individual, team, and organizational goals. Known for her individualized approach, Shara partners closely with clients to co-create effective, measurable change in leadership, performance, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The foundation of the approach is building relationships though trust, accountability and leveraging untapped strengths to grow and develop people and businesses.

Shara is recognized by organizations and peers, having served on panels and as a keynote speaker, and receiving the Experience Energy GRIT Award and the Corporate Champion Award from the Association of Chinese Professionals (ACAP) for her achievements in leading diversity, inclusion, and culture change. 

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